It is the fourteenth of January and I am still running into people who are wishing me a Happy New Year.
I think it will be, and better than last year.
I am still removing ash from the fire we endured at Hanukkah. The faint smell still hits my nostrils each time I return to the apartment. The walls have been painted and the floor repaired. We mourn the loss of our favorite sofa chair silently. I am reordering most everything because we will be moving next month to a larger apartment in the same building.
I have already spied my new dishwasher in it's carton the basement. My mother asked me quizzically how I knew it was mine. "I just knew, whose else could it be?" I asked. Now we are all just waiting on the current tenants of 214 to move out. I can barely contain myself to think of the washer and dryer that will be installed in our own apartment. This is a surprise for the children. I hope it will be a cost saving measure.
Too exhausted to continue tonight.