Politics as usual

Politics: When I first registered, I wanted to register as an independent voter but in our two party system it just seems a pointless point to make. So, I am a registered Democrat. The current Republican and Democratic posturing and media spin is really mere fodder for Stewart and Colbert. And really kudos to them they are doing an excellant job! After some perspective in life and the little bit of political theory I learned in college (Hat tip to Professor Richard Pious, Barnard College, I believe that no true analysis of political achievements can be immediate. That being said, my NO HOLES BARRED true feelings are: I am honestly very very disappointed that the Republican party has the gall to dare to be so anti Democrat/Obama, while simultaneously ludicrously fractionalized that the Tea Party has possible influence and yet can not present a solid candidate which it can unconditionally support. I dislike Ron Paul as he is old and an out-of-touch isolationist. I respect only the consistency Santorum maintained (otherwise I whole-heartedly think he is a fanatical lunatic--I may be being generous here). Newt Gingrich, forget it. Mitt Romney, is really without substance, IMHO. Our current politicians are unworthy adversaries. They are poor substitutes for control and true influence in this country. The core values of our US democratic system: both independence and capitalism have rendered politics, unprofitable and unpalatable. The current reigning nightly news analysis and "shoot from the hip" criticism of Obama-care (if we should even call it that), economic recovery, is short sighted as is (IMHO) the hugely far reaching the placement of 2 moderate women judges on the Supreme Court (and one a Hispanic and the other a Jew, yet), and the all too rarely referred incredible assassination of Osama Bin Laden. I could go on but perhaps you got the picture. Soapbox, did I hear you say soapbox?