Nope. Still chicken-just testing out the keyboard.


  1. Well, grab the goat by the horns and get going with your blog - we all are here to listen, support, share. I am a lucky married mother of 5 lovely, wonderful, gifted and most challenging children. Two have passed their teenage years (though I can't say they always act that way and sheesh, would they kill me if they read that), two are in their teenage years and show no interest in getting beyond it and one has yet to arrive. Pacifiers, bedtime stories, feety pajamas...those were the days!

    Good luck with the blog - I hope it brings you what mine has brought me...friends, peace of mind, and so much more...and RifkA is a friend of mine too!

  2. Yes, please, start writing! I am a lucky single mother of 3 children entering (and into) their teenage years (I never did like feety pajamas much, though). I also recently completed an MA in education (best decision I've ever made). Seems we have a lot in common, and I'd love to hear what you have to say.

  3. Wow
    Thank you your confidence in me.