"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get." - Forrest Gump

I have been thinking a lot about this attitude lately. The simplicity of the statement and it's inherent truth appeal to me. I am not sure if it packs the punch of attitude adjustment Hebrew phrase "Gam zoo l'tovah" (this an idiom which translates: "this too is for the good"). It is, of course, said at times when any positive outcome is unrecognizable.
So today and for a while I am thinking about meaning and the unexpected.
Or maybe I am thinking in bumper stickers, don't want to take myself too seriously do I?

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  1. OK as the husband of the MMM, I dutifully came by. Say what Ewe had to ofer here. (Why the Raw Shwarma on the cover page) Appreciated the text and ejoyed the pictures. The FISH: Love it. Just goes to show you have to sometimes leap out of your warm comfort zone, take some life-threatening (or at least changing risks) if you every want to land in a cozier world. Perhaps just made for two.

    OK? I did the blog thing! I NEVER do the blog thing! But I did it for you. Can I go back to work now?? Thanks,

    Your Pal,
    Single and Loving It,
    er..ah...wait, oh that's YOU not me...
    Right, I'm Married to MMM (what does that make me (MMMMM) Married Man to MMMM......
    mmmmm delicious...
    but I digress, where was I,
    oh, yes Single and Loving it...
    er, ah, but that's not really YOU either....
    oh well,
    and best regards,