Declaration of Internet Independence

My dear cousin queried me as to what I knew about a certain commentator assuming I would know (being that I am so up on the WORLD--meaning I rarely leave the chair located in front of my computer, no doubt). Now this was not some New York Times op ed person such as our beloved alumna, Anna Quindlen (Barnard '74), or your run of the mill Frank Rich. I had never before heard of this individual (who as it happens espouses hatred of Jews and denies the anti-semetism exists in inflammatory prose) a google search enlightened me to the above and confirmed that she has adequately proved herself to be a certifiable "wack job" (pardon my language). She can be found in good company on website which is home to other formidable "you-know-whats". That is not a term I really use and do not do so here lightly. So I advised my dear cousin who like me, is walking around without a lobotomy scar, that despite the beauty of that well thought out and UNDENIABLY VALUABLE free speech amendment (and here a mere day after the celebration of this usually great country's Independence) we would do well to invest our time in cyber space more wisely.
So I am declaring Independence from opening, reading and all round "hitting" these vocal vipers of the internet. My mother always taught us: "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything". Or am I paraphrasing?
And me why have I got musing minutes to issue my own personal Declarations of Internet Independence?
It is the 5th of July, otherwise known as the hang over holiday to those who did not get enough warm beer and cold burgers yesterday ( I had none,thank you very much)and although I was gifted with a fax/copier earlier in the day (many thanks to Lovable Expert, spouse of my Biscuit), I am alone (not that I am ever really alone, thanks to the omnipresence of the furry, ferocious, feral feline (other more foul "F" adjectives omitted for polite company as I have already stepped over the line). Currently "Not Lynx" is currently believed to be lounging on the dining room table as I type.

Where are the other constant companions of my life, you ask? Go on, ask.
Ok, I'll tell you now...CAMP! Beautiful, in the woods for 7 weeks, over-night camp, all of my children are there! Glorious, wonderful, not always appropriate, usually dirty and rarely nutritionally wise, summer camp has provided me with respite from constant 24/7 parenting. I have recently honed the cherished ability to sleep when I want to, wake up when I want to, eat when and what I want. It is no wonder that same Lovable Expert remarked how rested I looked. On my behalf, please note that I did clean the kitchen and entry way today. From the minimal communication I receive, really that is an whole other post, I understand my children are doing their very best to enjoy the heck out of their summer. Hot as it was yesterday, Angel Baby was apparently felled a bit by the heat in combination with lack of sleep. It seems she was back to herself by evening. On the flip side of the ordinal spectrum, my Boy/Man was reported seen soaking unsuspecting passersby, campers or counselors on boys campus, using the "Super Soaker", a machine gun of water pistols, to relieve or alarm( that remains unknown to me). Certainly of no concern to that apple of my eye, the fact that said weapon might just be illegal (really?) in the camp (I bought it unknowingly, for him).

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