Why are there so many forms to be filled out? School registration forms plagued me this morning with their impending deadlines for next fall, yet. Then, of course, there are some extra curricular activity forms, and some bills (which if not paid online, are forms that require checks which most forms for that matter).
It must be because my children are in private school. Are there less forms to fill out for public school, because after all it is not like one would request financial aid and since they were registered for last year they know they are coming the next year, right?
I guess if you have a special needs child you still fill out a lot of forms in the public school system. And how is that at all fair?
I bet when I get to be a teacher in the public school system I am going to have to fill out a lot of forms.
My parents sent four daughters to school from kindergarten to 12th grade without submitting their tax returns in February. People in Israel do not submit their tax returns to send their children to school. I copied my tax forms this morning on my home computer scanner. I cannot say I enjoyed the experience. I will be doing this every year until 2019.
My far away phone friend said that she thought they should be able to be reproduced on line already since we keep having to write the family address over and over again, by hand. She is right and she pointed out that it wastes more paper--which we all know we are trying to get away from.

As an tree hugging kind of aside, we started recycling boxes in our new apartment and I think this is very good--even if it takes up space until it is removed. Let's be very clear, the actuality of efficiency remains unsubstantiated but since I have no legislative power to truly improve the system I am resigned to be being a compliant consumer. Therefore, perhaps it is really only good because it makes me feel good.
It does and it sure beat the forms.
Now we are here in our new digs for two weeks and two days. The new apartment is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself even if the Mother did remark that it seems I don't have time to hang a thing on the walls at the moment.
I just wish there were about 5 more hours in a day and that I didn't need to sleep.
Now back to the forms more of which need to be filled out.

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